Skin Care

Spa Massage Facial (60 min.)      $75   Microderm Express Treatment (30 min.)   $68
Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, skin analysis, extractions,       Microdermabraision reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Imroves    
massage, masque and moisturizer.       appearance of superficial skin damage from sun exposure. It    
        also treats skin pigmentation such as age spots, freckles, etc.    
The Man Facial (60 min.)   $70   Reduces scars from dormant acne and helps heal traumatic    
This is a deep cleansing treatment designed for the man that       scars, as well as reduces large pores.    
aids in the reduction of ingrown hairs and shaving irritation.            
This is speciallydesigned with a masque sure to revitalize and       Alphablend Maximuim Exfoliant Treatment (90 min.)   $90
hydrate the skin, complete with a massage to improve your       A super exfoliating fruit acid facial that removes dulling surface    
circulation.       cells giving skin a fresh, revitalized appearance. This treatment    
        also unclogs pores, diminishes surface lines and promotes a    
Break-Out Control Facial w/o massage (60 min.)   $70   smoother, softer complextion. A series of six weekly    
Designed to clear up troublesome break-outs. This treatment       treatments is recommended for most skin types. After a series    
includes thorough cleansing, Enzyme Therapy Exfoliation and       of five, receive the sixth complimentary.    
therapeutic steam. In addition your pores will be deeply            
cleansed and healing mask applied. A series of treatments       X-Press Facial   $50
with at home agenda is recommended for maximum results.       Designed for the person on the go. Deep cleansing, massage,    
        and personalized mask.    
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